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Gamebience™ is an operating name for cFiniti Corp. cFiniti Corp. is a federal Canadian Corporation founded in 2005 after years of intense market and product research in the area of computer gaming. Gamebience consists of a group of individuals who are multi-talented and have a clear vision for success. Established as a general software development firm, it started development of its premier computer game under the trade name Gamebience™. Since inception, the CFINITI Corp. Group have developed software, apps and interactive content for several companies and organizations worldwide.

In late-2011, Gamebience and its group entered into an exclusive 5-year contract with one of South-east Asia's biggest Mobile Services Firm, VTC. According to the MoU signed, Gamebience shall be assisting them in creating interactive games, software, conduct R&D and joint-marketing and promotion of software and game titles.

Gamebience's In-House Productions:

Our premier product, Cricket Life (1st Edition), has received enormous development attention to ensure it surpasses the quality and features of existing products of a similar genre. In 2011, Gamebience introduced another flagship franchise by announcing 'Final Ordeal'. Final Ordeal will be a geo-political roleplaying strategy game appealing to wider audience across the globe.


Flagship Titles

With the introduction of Final Ordeal franchise, Gamebience signaled its intention to target a wider audience by targeting the RPG genre. The first game under this franchise, Rise of Democracy, will be released in March 2011. Rise of Democracy is based on the quest for people's determination to rise for justice, freedom and democracy and how a head of state manages such a scenario.

Gamebience’s other flagship franchise is a sports-game designed to meet the requirements and expectations of cricket fans and gamers around the world. The game, ‘Cricket Life’, is a cricket strategy game that revolves around a player’s life. It allows the user to explore all spheres of a cricketer’s life and has many innovative features that have never been experienced in any cricket game before. It lets gamers to take charge in a role of any of the players available in the game from the major cricket-playing countries. In addition, it features a powerful AI (artificial intelligence) that manages over 2000 players across  all major cricket countries countries. The choices available to the user, is by far the highest yet for any cricket game ever released and is sure to make the gamers go ecstatic.

In July 2007, Gamebience signed an agreement with Stellar Group Limited, UK for endorsement of Australia's leading Cricketer Michael Hussey. As a result, Michael Hussey has endorsed Gamebience's Cricket Life for PC and Gamebience is using his name, images and likeness to promote Cricket Life 1.

In 2011, Gamebience announced plans to take Cricket Life franchise to the next level by splitting the mammoth game into two distinct titles. While one title will be targeted at 'action' fans, the other title will be marketed as a management genre. A third 'ultimate' edition will combine both these editions into one title.



Since, inception, cFiniti Corp. has transformed itself into a Group of Companies, mostly focusing on Information Technology Sector. Through its five subsidiaries, the group helps businesses to meet their goals and objectives in Interactive Media Development, App Design, 3D Graphics & VFX, Sound Design, Motion Capture and ERP Software.


The Gamebience Brand

To protect the brand and company's interests, the cFiniti Corp. Group has registered the Gamebience device and logo as trademark in Canada, United Kingdom and other countries. In India, the trade-mark application is still pending due to an uncalled-for opposition by a real-estate conglomerate based in New Delhi. Gamebience has been fighting vigorously to defend and protect its brand and trademark in India. Our website statistics indicate that over 60% of the website visitors are from India. Thus, Gamebience sees this as a need to protect its brand in India.


Presence in India

Though Gamebience is not directly present in India, Gamebience has sister subsidiaries operating in India. A Gamebience studio was planned to be opened in India in 2010. However, the company decided to postpone the establishment until all legal issues are resolved. Until then, it was decided that Gamebience will operate in India via its sister subsidiary, whenever need arises.

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