What's Cricket Life?


Cricket Life™ is a virtual sports, strategy and simulation game franchise that lets gamers experience a cricketer's life. Cricket Life puts you into the shoes of a cricketer and lets you manage the on-field and the off-field life of a cricketer. Cricket Life Ultimate editions* will feature over 40 3D Stadia and fully motion-captured animated characters giving you complete control of the player on-field. In Cricket Life, you can earn money by signing club deals, media contracts and lucrative endorsements. If that's not enough, you may also invest your player's hard-earned money into you private business and let your assets grow while you play on-field. The above description is only part of the full story, there's lot more in the game that has not revealed to maintain the thrill of discovering and experiencing unexpected features.

With lots of content and gameplay scenarios, the Australian Cricketer Michael Hussey-endorsed Cricket Life comes bundled with stimulating excitement and impelling game-play.

Can you develop your player into a world class cricketer? Will your player become the richest cricketer in the world? Will you be able to build and own the most expensive resorts/hotels? Is your player capable of attracting the most lucrative endorsement deals?

Think... while we finalize the cricket pitch for you to play.


*and in all subsequent editions except 'Social' Edition.

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