Glimpse of Cricket Life 1™

[Note: Some of these features that previously belonged to 'Cricket Life 1' have now been transferred into a separate edition, denoted by *. Click here for the announcement]

The extensive amount of content in Cricket Life 1 precludes an outline of all the features. However, here's a glimpse of what Cricket Life's 1st Edition has to offer:

In Match

  • Cricket Life™ 1 features fully motion-captured data to portray realistic animations*
  • 40+ built-in unique 3D stadia reflecting various cultures and conditions*
  • 3D TV Style state-of-the-art in-match graphics complete with weather Report, pitch Report and other analysis.
  • Various weather conditions ranging from hot & humid to cold & rainy.
  • And dozens more to be revealed near release


  • Over 16 countries with a total of 100 domestic and international teams.
  • Full Domestic circuits for human playable countries including Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, India and Pakistan
  • Over 50 trophies available for you to win and to decorate your award gallery.
  • Various sponsorship endorsements ranging from multinational companies to niche-industry firms.
  • Various Business investments
  • And dozens more to be revealed near release.
  • New Addition: A couple of features are in talks to be added in addition to those that were already incorporated in order to reflect the realities of Cricket in 2011.
    • The prime feature being considered for addition is the ability of player bidding and addition of Premier league-type tournaments that generate a quite large chunk of money for any Cricketer today.
    • A confirmation on this will only be available once the Dev Team turns focus back to CL from the current Final Ordeal development that's nearing completion.

Online Framework

  • Cricket Life now is now integrated with internet game-play framework to allow add-on development for full online support.
  • Limited Online Game-play support added (Enrich Beta) allowing you to compete with other internet gamers through


  • Over 20+ downloadable add-on Stadia *
  • Toolsets for customizing Cricket Life
  • Tips, tricks and tutorials for mastering Cricket Life 1
  • GamebienceDev™: Development Center for advanced users to develop add-ons.
  • Online Gameplay extension kit to allow the extension of integrated online game-play functionalities.
  • GamebiencePortal: Upload your add-ons, extensions, mods and other game assets to the User room to share, exchange your creativity.

Capabilities of Tool-sets and Add-on SDKs

  • Add new stadiums to the game. **
  • Add new players, teams and countries.
  • Add new tournaments and circuits
  • Add new products and companies to expand the endorsement base.
  • Add new media entities such as television, radio and magazines.
  • Create new rules and definitions for the game logic.
  • Add completely new content using advanced scripting skills.

* Due to commercial reasons including brand promotion restrictions, these features are now packaged into 'Cricket Life 2: Ultimate' (along with all other features) and exclusively as 'Cricket Life 2: Express'.

** These features are transferred to future versions

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