The cFiniti Corp. Group


cFiniti Corp.

Gamebience™ is an operating name for cFiniti Corp. cFiniti Corp. is a federal Canadian Corporation founded in 2005 after years of intense market and product research in the area of computer gaming. Gamebience consists of a group of individuals who are multi-talented and have a clear vision for success. Established as a general software development firm, it started development of its premier computer game under the trade name Gamebience™. Since inception, the CFINITI Corp. Group have developed software, apps and interactive content for several companies and organizations worldwide.


The Group

The cFiniti Corp. Group consist of several I.T. based divisions, and subsidiaries. Through our Business-oriented software development subsidiary, we also hold an indirect majority stake in a software company established in India in 2010. The Indian subsidiary is contracted out to provide Software Development Work and content to Gamebience.

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